Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ethiopian Mission Trip

My husband is back from his mission trop to Ethiopia! He is still taking frequent and long naps to overcome the jet lag, but he is so glad he made the trip and so glad to be home! Like anyone who makes a trip like this, he is grateful for the blessings we have in our lives and is planning to work with our church to continue helping the people he met.

Unfortunately, these photos were taken by mistake with the video function selected on his camera! The only one meant to be a video is of the people dancing and singing in celebration of their new source of clean water!

The people dug the wells; the mission team installed the pumps. Larry was privileged to be the first one to pump water; the pump was donated by Larry's brother Ron in memory of their sister Dorothy who died last year.

This is Pastor Dennis blessing the new pump:

This is Larry, pumping the first water!

The villagers dancing and singing in celebration. Turn on your speakers.

The Mission Team.

Thanks for stopping by. And thank you for the prayers that brought everyone home safely!