Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it is all ready. The vegetables are prepared, the turkey stuffed, the dinner rolls rising. The kids are bustling about preparting themselves for a day of food, family and football. Pretty soon it will be smelling good in the house and we will gather around the table and count our blessings. My heart is singing! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My kitchen philosophy!

My kitchen philosophy

When I saw this little sign in a store, I knew it belonged in my kitchen! It went well with the black and white theme I have going; but it also expressed how I really feel about having a kitchen!!

I don't bake Christmas cookies anymore ...


because I make these rolls that the whole family loves! They have replaced cookies for the holidays; they have been used as a test to determine if the new love interest fits in with our family; and they are jealously coveted to the point of sibling squabbling!! I made 90 rolls today and I don't know if that will be enough. Wish you could smell the yumminess.

I would share the secret recipe, but then I would have to send you to a witness protection program. There is one member of the Hero Arts blog family who somehow talked me into sharing the recipe. I haven't slept soundly since.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ...


THANKSGIVING!! Our family gave up traditional Christmas gift giving many years ago when kids were in college, young families were getting started, and Mom and Dad had everything they needed! But a few years ago, we began playing a game involving wrapped gifts, of limited financial cost, and had so much fun, we do it every Christmas we are together. Well, this year, those of the family who can, are coming for Thanksgiving from Wisconsin and Minnesota to our home in Alabama. So, even though it isn't Christmas, everyone wanted to play "the game". So, here are my gifts, ready to join in the fun! The decision to play the game was last minute, so DH and I scooted to the mall and within one hour we had selected seven gifts! Can't tell you what's in the boxes yet, but here's a hint: one of the presents flies!! Can't wait to see the surprised faces!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Zealand Beauty

Dawn's card and goodies to Judy

This is the lovely card and bookmark I received from Dawn Turley who lives in New Zealand. Dawn also sent a New Zealand themed notepad and a bit of Christmas ribbon. Dawn and I, and many others, took part in Deborah Nolan's Card Chain. This is my second time to participate and I plan to do it again! It is a joy to go to the mailbox and find such lovely cards! (I am having a little difficulty with this card, however. It seems to want to stand on its head A little adjustment issue from no longer being down under!!) Thanks, Dawn and thanks, Deborah for making this happen.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Found this meaningful widget on The Vintage Moth blogsite.

More from the Graphics Fairy

Is this not the cutest Christmas Fairy? Hope she makes you smile!

Do you like my new turkey?

That turkey countdown to Thanksgiving gadget is courtesy of The Graphics Fairy, a great site offering free vintage clip art. You can find the Graphics Fairy here:
I haven't had time to explore it too much, just liked the turkey countdown!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Did I mention I play bridge?

I learned bridge as a young mother from my friend Sheila and her husband. They loved to play the game and were willing to make bridge players out of my husband and me so that they would be able to continue playing the game. Our bridge playing came to an end when we moved away and our busy life no longer included time to play cards!

When we retired to Huntsville four years ago, my sister invited me to play in her monthly bridge group. I was terrified! My bridge skills were pretty rusty, but this group of women was very welcoming and patient and I was surprised how much I remembered. Sheila taught me well!

I now play about once a week, in four different bridge groups. My husband plays in one of the groups, also. We have met some lovely people who are excited to meet new bridge players. It seems to be a lost art! And that's a shame, because it is a great card game!

When groups gather to play bridge, besides cards and a score pad, every couple needs a tally. This is a little card that opens and has space for the players' name and the score earned in each round. At the end of the evening, the scores per round are added and the highest total wins!

My sister and I are hosting two tables of bridge tomorrow evening and I made four tallies, one for each couple. I have made tallies for this group before and everyone enjoys them, usually tearing off the front cover to keep and only turning in the part with their scores!!


I used a stamp set called "Autumn Beauty", designed by Theresa Momber and purchased from Gina K. Designs. The set includes images of sunflowers, wheelbarrow, and rural mailbox, along with Thanksgiving sentiments. I chuckled as I stamped "Happy Fall, Y'All" on the tallies. Couldn't be a better sentiment for my friends in Alabama!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's making me smile ...

I have been collecting Copic markers for several years and finally have quite a collection! I have been frustrated because I could not duplicate the incredible results I have seen while visiting various blogs. I guess I thought if I just bought more markers, I would improve my coloring skills! (My golfer husband thinks like this, too. If he just had the right golf club, his game would improve!)

Well, I sat in front of the computer, played several tutorials over and over and I finally made some cards using Copic markers that make me smile!


This one is a Magnolila stamp called "Tilda in Overalls". The background paper is Basic Grey "Bittersweet".


This one is called Tilda Holding a Fall Bouquet, also by Magnolia.


This one is Shy Kiki.

I bought the stamps online from Little C's, located in Hawaii. The fresh ocean breezes wafted out of the box when I opened it. I am grateful to these sweet girls for motivating me to practice, practice, practice with my Copics!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Have fun! Buy me some dishes!"

With those words, I sent my dh off to a yard sale in our neighborhood! I was too cozy in our warm bed and my hair was too scary to venture out in public! Why would I say, "Buy me some dishes"?

Well, back in our old life in Madison, Wisconsin we went garage saling almost every Saturday morning. We were out of the house by 6:30, out to breakfast by 9! We had such fun and found such bargains. It became quite a story within our family about the sets of dishes we bought! I would give away the current set to one child or another and enjoyed the variety! Our "good" china was a wonderful garage sale find.

Well, when we retired and sold everything, all the dishes were gone! Since settling in Alabama, I have had the same set of dishes for four years! A record! So, feeling nostalgic about the fun we had garage saling, I told my dh to "buy me some dishes".

I almost fell over when he walked in the house with a gargantuan box! And he told me there were four more!! He had acquired this entire set of dishes, service for 16, with SIX serving platters, FIVE serving bowls, a soup tureen, two gravy boats, two sugar and creamer sets, a large pitcher, two salt and pepper shakers, cereal bowls, soup bowls and mugs! There is even a four piece canister set!!

We took this photo after unpacking the boxes and before we ran the whole batch through the dishwasher.

I spent the morning cleaning out the cupboards to make room for all these dishes and I now have to spend time at my sister's home, making room for my "old" dishes that we both love! It was hard to part with my current dishes, but my sister lives just down the street and I can visit them!!

Oh, by the way, this whole set of dishes cost $20!! Negotiated down from $25!!!


My first post!

Well, I finally left my comfort zone and entered blogger land! Hopefully this will be a happy place and I can share a little corner of my life.

I am a happy participant in the Hero Arts blog and post my entries to their challenges in Flickr. Here is a card I did recently:

Contemporary Christmas

The image is a Hero Arts stamp called Pine Bough and I love owning such a versatile stamp! In this image I have embossed it with white embossing powder and stamped it on a background created wtih a mixture of alcohol inks. Love it for its cheerfulness!

Besure to check out for a great blog as well as contests, videos and great ideas!

See you next time!