Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Penny Black Color Combo Challenge Day 3


It's Wednesday and day 3 of the color combo challenge at the Penny Black blog.  You have until September 27th to enter the challenge.  Go here for the details.


Can you tell I really had fun with this color combo?  Well, the darling Build a Snowman transparent set from Penny Black added to the fun!

I embossed a starry background and added snowflakes cut from the Penny Black Creative Die snowflake set.  The snowman set comes with several hats, scarves, noses, smiles, accessories and snowflakes!  And your choice of snowmen!  I chose pom poms instead of a scarf and added a little birdie friend.

I want to take a moment here to pause in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack on 9/11. 

It's a day I will never forget.  We were pulling our RV, headed to New Jersey for some repairs when we received a phone call from friends letting us know about "airplanes falling from the sky".  The tunnels were closing, we were in a race to reach our destination before the roads were shut down.  I told my husband I wanted to go home and very seriously he said to me, "We have no home."  We were pulling it behind us. 

We spent the night in the parking lot of the camping store in New Jersey, listening to fighter jets patrol the skies all night long.  The images we saw on the television that evening were hard to comprehend.  And we wondered about the couple we met at a rest stop that were heading to New York to visit the World Trade Center and other tourist sites.

I'm sure you all remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on that day. 


Penny Ward said...

Oh man...maybe I should have ordered the Build a Snowman did it great justice with your card. So cute! Love the pom poms.
On another note...I too remember where I was on 9.11.01 It was my generations Pearl Harbor.

Lin said...

What a story, Judy, must have been terrifying, being that close to everything!

Love seeing the new stamps and dies in action today!!

Barb said...

I had no idea that you were that close to the horror, Judy - so scary!

I do love your card - what an adorable snowman! Sending hugs!

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Thanks for sharing yout 9/11 memories. None of us will forget that day. Love the snowman!

Rosemary said...

this is such a fun take on the colors, judy!!