Monday, August 26, 2013

Penny black Petal Party

Penny Black Petal Party
I made this card back in June but didn't like it very much ... I don't think I liked the kraft card base.  But after coming across it today in my Flickr photostream, I decided the flowers turned out nicely and deserved to be posted!
Penny Black makes some gorgeous floral images and the flowers in their transparent set "Petal Party" are some of my favorites.  So fun for coloring or paper piecing! 
I stamped the flower twice onto patterned paper from the Penny Black Madison collection and colored them both with Copics, adding some white accents with a gel pen.  Those sequins were laying on the desk and needed a place to stay! 
I may take this card apart and see how I can improve it!!  Stay tuned.
Today I resolved to find a nit picky household chore every day and do it!  Today I changed the filter for the furnace/air conditioner and scrubbed all the little louvers!  And then, since I was into nit picky, I washed all the light switches in the house.  And as long as I had the scrub rag in my hand, I scrubbed around doorknobs!   Let's see, that takes care of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Maybe by Thursday I will forget about my resolution and just read a book!
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Dawn Turley said...

LOL- love your resolution.... and doing all the nitty picky jobs on one day means more play time on the rest of the week Judy... I like your card. Very pretty paper and the flowers are delightful

joy said...

That's my kind of nit-pickin', Judy! I did manage to clean out one kitchen cabinet last week. :)

I like your card, especially the coloring and the stitching. That is one of my favorite PB stamp sets, too.

Judy1223 said...

So glad you decided to post this, Judy...the flowers (and the whole card) are amazing! I especially love the white dots...very cool!

Greta said...

I really like how the flowers look stamped on the printed paper plus your coloring. Lovely card!

Penny Ward said...

OMG...this card is so posting worthy. I love the Kraft card base and your coloring is superb!!!

Lin said...

LOOOOOVE this, Judy - I wish I'd thought to stamp over that paper! :)

jintyoo7 said...

Jdy, you are HILARIOUS!!!! My cat looked at me with the most odd expression, when I suddenly started "snorting with laughter" - yes, such finesse (me not the cat)!

LOVE your card, Judy, the flowers are magnificent, and I am very happy you changed your mind and blogged it -the kraft base showcases the gorgeous blooms perfectly :)

Enjoy your book *winkwink

Laura Jane said...

I Like the card..great coloring.
Your posts always bring a smile...and a laugh.
My kids tell me I'm too nit picky when I ask for the windows on the sliding glass door to be cleaned..HA!
Yes you deserve a good read after all that work.