Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Quicker with a Sticker!

100_5690 by judkajudy
Penny Black makes gorgeous stickers! This butterfly tag sticker is one of a collection of twelve stickers titled Winged Petals. I created a background using distress inks and added a pair of dragonflies for an accent of white and to really get the motion going!!  The dragonflies and sentiment banner are from Penny Black's Creative Die set "Tagged".

I love having these stickers on hand both for inspiration and for a jump start on a beautiful card.

I am happily creating this blog post on my new computer!! My 8 year old computer was no longer able to function in Blogger. I went with a heavy heart and leaden feet to the computer store, dreading the change to Windows 8. I haven't learned to function with my new cell phone; I had no hope that I could master Windows 8 on a new computer.

This story has a happy ending! Lo and behold, the first computer I looked at on the shelf, and I think it was winking at me, was tagged with a sign saying "Windows 7". With not a second's hesitation I cried out, "This is it!" and husband went to get the salesperson to ring it up.

Can you imagine the scene after I left the store? Manager and salespeople alike doing high 5's!! "Wow, I didn't think we would ever sell that baby!" Well, that baby was meant to be mine.

The good news is that Blogger is working perfectly; Flickr is behaving much better; and things move more quickly. An added bonus was having my two year old never been used digi camera set up and functioning with my Easy Share software. My picture quality should improve.

Of course, with any new setup there are bugs. Email is possessed with Word demons and the tool bar with my navigation tools is stuck up under the frame of my monitor. Not to mention the 5 minute start up time!

But this morning we are back to the Geeks that set it up with hope in our hearts that all can be fixed.  Some things are just meant to be, and I love how that computer was on the shelf waiting for me!!

Thanks for your visit. Have a great weekend.  I hope your day brings a happy surprise, too!


Barb said...

WOW!! Those colors are amazing, Judy! What a gorgeous card!

Congrats on the new computer - must feel sooo good! :)

rcwidow (Linda) said...

Beautiful card! The bg is amazing. Congrats on the new computer. May you be very happy together!

Nat said...

your card is very magical Judy! I have 2 laptops one with windows 7 and the other with 8. I don't like windows 8 at all! congrats on your new computer!! hope you enjoy the day :)

Penny Ward said...

Wow...That tag is a Sticker?...unbelievable! Your card is gorgeous! I just love those little dragonflies!!!
Congrats on your new puter...I just want to know who else but you could make a puter last 8 years...unheard of!!!!!

Dawn Turley said...

cute as Judy. The PB stickers are stunning aren't they and you've made a great background for the focal tag

Greta said...

Oh my goodness, Judy--you are making the most beautiful cards with those stickers! So happy you have the new computer & I know it's going to be wonderful in a short time.

Scott Schmidlkofer said...

Mom, Please let your blogger friends know, that we as a family could afford to get you Windows 8. You chose to get Windows 7. Thank you.

Your Son