Saturday, January 10, 2015

Share a Hug

I just love Valentine's Day!  More specifically, I love making cards for Valentine's Day.  The images are cute, sweet and adorable; and fun to color.

30-271 Share a Hug
This sweet image is from Penny Black's Transparent set "Share a Hug".  I just did some simple Copic coloring, used some heart shapes for the base and stitched it all onto some kraft paper.  And who doesn't love hugs?

I made more Valentines using Penny Black stamps and they are part of my Runs with Scissors column today on the Penny Black blog.  I would love to have the pleasure of your company; just click here.

Our freezing temperatures have kept us indoors this week.  That means lots of stamping time!  Hope you are staying warm and taking some time to do what makes you happy.  Thanks for stopping by!


Penny Ward said...

I use to sew for a living, so you would think I could actually sit at the machine and accomplish what you do with your cards...NOT! You do sewing on cards so well!!!!!!

Barb said...

Delightful card, Judy! ♥

Dawn Turley said...

so cute Judy. Superb card.

Diane said...

What a darling design, the stitching, paper and design are great.

Best of the New Year.


alexandra s.m. said...

Such an adorable card Judy!
I love Valentine's Day too ;)
Thank You!

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