Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mimi's Love by Penny Black

There was a surprise in my mailbox this week.  My friend Penny had some "extra" goodies to share and luckily she chose me!

Inside the package were three products in this gorgeous blue.  The blue ink is officially Radiant Neon by Tsukineko; the little blue dots were made using Imagine Crafts Irresistible Neon Pico Embellisher.  Also in the package was a bottle of Irresistible Neon Colored Texture Spray.  This RAK arrived on just the right day at just the right time.  Stamping friends are the best friends!

I'd been dealing very unsuccessfully with the auto insurance company responsible for settling our claim from the October car accident and the stress and frustration had sent my mojo scurrying for cover.  The new products were the motivation I needed. 

30-269 So Very Much; 30-270 Mimi's Love
I stamped the heart image from Penny Black's "So Very Much" transparent set with the Radiant Neon ink "Electric Blue", and embossed with clear embossing powder.  I added a few dots of the Neon Pico to make things more interesting.  The four dots on the corners of the red paper are also made from the Pico. 

The cap on the bottle of Irresistibel Pico has a built in "needle" that fits into the tip of the bottle so there is no clogging!  This is a product I want in more colors.  You can make your own enamel dots!

I did try working with the Irresistible Texture Spray, but I think I need some practice!  I plan to check out Penny's  amazing blog Penny Ward Ink to see how she uses it.  My efforts were not worthy of sharing.

I am running with my scissors on the Penny Black blog today.  There's a story about a very important love letter that you won't want to miss.


Cindy C. said...

Sweet!! Thanks for sharing Judy!!!

Barb said...

So adorable, Judy! And so sweet of Penny to send you some goodies! Heading over to the PB blog to see what you've been up to lately. . . ♥

Kelly Booth said...

Such a Sweet card and so nice to get Happy Mail! xoxoxoxo

alexandra s.m. said...

She is absolutely adorable Judy!
Thank You~

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