Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lauren and Andrew with Happy Mail

These beautiful people are my grandchildren who live in Atlanta.  They are holding the Valentines, birthday card, and "just because" card that I recently sent.  Lauren's 13th birthday was last week; Andrew is a year and a half younger.

They are honor roll students and very involved in sports.  Andrew plays football, baseball and tennis.  Lauren is very involved with CheerSport.  That's where the kids tumble and fly around the stage and make huge pyramids with their teammates!  It is truly scary to watch!!  Lauren's team has had a very successful season.  Andrew takes to each sport as if he was born knowing how.


This is a photo of Lauren and Andrew about five years ago when they came for a visit to Alabama all the way from Michigan.  They are holding the cards they made during their visit.  I have also taken card making supplies to Atlanta when we visit and we have fun memories of making cards together.

It has been a joy to share in their activities!  We have been to soccer, football, baseball, volleyball and CheerSport events.  Maybe some basketball in there, too.

Lauren and Andrew's Mom and Dad have kept us connected with photos and videos.  And for every gift or card we receive a thank you note or phone call! 

So here's to you, Lauren and Andrew!!  So proud of you and so happy for all the good things in your life!!

Now that I have your attention with these beautiful grandchildren, please stop by the Penny Black blog today for another edition of


Barb said...

What a joy they must be in your life, Judy! Love the photos!

Now I need to head to the PB blog to see what you've been up to - love those posts! Sending hugs! ♥

donna mikasa said...

My how they've grown! You can really see the difference in five years but they're just as proud of you now as they were then. How wonderful that they have something handmade by you to treasure as keepsakes! And I thoroughly enjoyed your segment at PB!

Dawn Turley said...

such precious memories Judy. Your grand children are so lucky to have such a crafty granny to give them beautiful cards for keepsakes.

alexandra s.m. said...

Awww...this post is so sweet!
Congrats Judy! YOur Grandchildren are beautiful and how sweet is it to have pictures of them holding your gorgeous cards?!
Thank You~