Thursday, February 13, 2014

Alabama Snow!

100_6123.jpg by judkajudy
This is our backyard after a significant snowfall! It's been a crazy, cold and now snowy winter. Like everyone else in our city, we just wait for it to melt. No plowing, no sanding, no salting; just waiting.

Hopefully this is the last hurrah for the Arctic Vortex!!

Stay warm!! Stay safe.


Barb said...

Crazy, stupid weather! We are now finally staying above zero this week - I never thought 30 degrees could feel so warm! Stay cozy, Judy! ♥

Greta said...

Wow--hard to believe you got this much snow in the south! Beautiful picture, Judy--stay safe & warm!

Dawn Turley said...

Looks lovely but obviously not the norm for you. keep warm and craft while waiting for it to thaw.