Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tiny Wishes by Penny Black

Tiny Wishes by Penny Black by judkajudy
I've used Penny Black's transparent set "Tiny Wishes" to make this card. The patterned paper background is composed of strips of various papers in my stash that I've ligned up and adhered to the notecard. The beautiful circle die cut is a gift from my friend Sally, who owns some very awesome dies!! I colored the image with Copics, added black enamel dots and of course a teeny, tiny sentiment.

The birth of our new granddaughter has thrust me into the 21st Century computer age! Not only have I adapted to (and seriously enjoyed) my new smarty cell phone, I have installed Skype and a webcam on my eight year old PC. Well, the computer "geek" at Staples and I installed it!! How did I know that Windows XP is not the same as Windows 7 .. and neither one is Windows 8!! Ahhh, it's been a day, for sure.

I had to physically restrain my husband from purchasing a new computer whle we were at  Staples. I am not ready to tackle Windows 8 and learn a new way of doing things on my computer.  But the change is inevitable .. just not this week, please.

The report from Evelyn's dad is that she is an incredibly calm and serene baby. Mom and Dad got a great night of much-needed sleep after coming home from the hospital at supper time yesterday. I peeked at her as she slept while we tested Skype; Evelyn will call me later when she is awake and doing some cute stuff! I did see a video of her on Facebook the other day and spent a good chunk of my day replaying her cute little sneeze!!

While I complain about having to learn new computer stuff, I am amazed and grateful that I can watch Evelyn grow in Wisconsin from here in Alabama.

Thanks for stopping by!! My next project is to download a Flickr app so I can transfer photos from my phone to my pc!! But maybe not today.


Scott Schmidlkofer said...

Mom, great card that Sally knows her dyes! We got the "Welcome to the World". Card today it will be proudly displayed in her room. I love how you signed and dated the back like the artist you are!

Barb said...

I love this post, Judy! Your excitement and love for your new granddaughter shines through in your writing. It really is amazing that you'll be able to "see" her often - and I am very proud of you for getting tech-y! You'll love Windows 8 - it didn't take me long to get used to it at all.

Oh! With all that's going on, I almost forgot about your card - it's absolutely adorable! Sending hugs! :)

Dawn Turley said...

super cute card Judy. I have this set and don't use it nearly as much as I should. And I can see you are taking to the e-world like a duck to water. Great to hear that you can keep in touch with the family.

Greta said...

I admire you, Judy! We had to get a new computer a few months back & I still don't have a good way to edit my pictures even though I spent money on a program! I'd do Skype, too, if I had that darling granddaughter--how fun! Your images are colored perfectly & I love it on that amazing die!

Sally said...

Ahhh, Judy, I had to chuckle, "maybe not today!" I can only handle so much techy stuff in one day, too! And it sounds like you learned quite a lot today! So glad all is working out for you to chat with Evelyn! Love this adorable card, so beautifully colored and the patchwork background is stunning!