Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Penny Black Tags

Because every Christmas stamp collection includes a set to make your own gift tags, I own Penny Black's transparent set Christmas Tags.  I never set aside enough time during the holidays to make my own gift tags, so this set had never been inked!  I sat down lately and challenged myself to get a start on the gift giving season by making tags well in advance of when I might need them.

I stared at the stamps and tried to generate enthusiasm for the task at hand and then something strange happened!  Instead of seeing gift tags, I saw elements that could be used for making Christmas cards!

And here's the rest of the story:

30-199 Christmas Tags; 40-084 Circles and Lines

These tags reminded me of ornaments and I decorated them a bit with gold embossing powder, a sentiment and a few sequins.  I love that Circles and Lines background stamp ... reminds me of the decorations hung at our local mall!

30-199 Christmas Tags; 51-021 Love and Joy; 51-130 Geometrics
In real life, this card is made up of a deep green base .. the lighting gives it a bluish cast, which makes it less Green Bay Packer and more elegant.  I trimmed the tree with the little bow image included in the set.  I love the Geometric die cut and use it often to anchor smaller images.

30-199 Christmas Tags; 51-130 Geometrics; 51-021 Love and Joy
And for this card, I used the little gift package image, mounted on another of the Geometric die cut shapes. 

Christmas cards are a great place to showcase the deep colors of the season as well as a great place to add sparkle.  I have never been able to make all my Christmas cards the same.  There are so many amazing stamps and dies available, how could I settle on just one design for all my cards?

I had a great time finding ways to use this Christmas Tag set for making cards.  And I know it will be a great set to use when I finally make the tags for gift giving.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see what I've been up to.  The summer has flown by as usual, but I must admit I am looking forward to cooler temperatures.


alexandra s.m. said...

Oh My! What a treat your cards are Judy!
You really know how to put us in the Christmas mood.
Thank You!!

memorial garden benches said...

Wow! I really love those cards! Very creative. Thanks for sharing!

Greta said...

These are wonderful, Judy! I seldom pull out the first background stamp & you've reminded me I need to!

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