Saturday, August 8, 2015

Let's Chat by Penny Black

This transparent set Let's Chat by Penny Black contains thirteen stamps!  My intention when I pulled this set out was to use the sentiment "happy hello".  And then I just added more stamps to my Misti until I liked the arrangement.  Even though the colors are bright, this could be a guy card because of the graphic design.

30-244 Let's Chat

These "hot" colors remind me of our hot Alabama in August weather.  And today is the day I decided I could not stand the weedy patch of landscape that surrounds the dying rose bushes, so I spent some time cleaning up that space.  I guess I decided the rose bushes should be allowed a "death with dignity".  I murdered the petunias last month and three of the four Knockout rose bushes are dead or dying.  I am going to assume the sprinkler system is not aimed correctly to water the non-survivors.   So much for trying to raise flowers again.

This has been a week of appointments for Cooper and me.  I finally made and kept an appointment with the dentist and Cooper had to see the vet for his right rear leg that doesn't want to spend much time in contact with the ground.  It's a close call, but we spent more at the vet than the dentist and I had two teeth taken care of.

So far I don't see much improvement in Cooper's limping situation but my teeth are great!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy these last summer days.  The kids here go back to school next week. 


Tenia Nelson said...

Too COOL!!

Dawn Turley said...

such a retro looking card. Love the bright colours. Glad your teeth are good and hopefully Cooper will get better soon.

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