Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Friend Is by Penny Black

Where has the time gone?  When my husband left for his ten day trip to Arizona, the days stretched in front of me, seemingly endless.  And here it is, the day he is coming home.  I made a list before he left of things to accomplish.  I wanted each day to have a plan or commitment.  It wasn't all chores; my list included a trip to Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  I also planned to shop for some new spring clothes to wear for an upcoming trip.  The dog needed to go to the groomer's and I needed a haircut.  My closet was on the list for a reorganization and the freezer needed cleaning and organizing
Proud to say, missions accomplished.  And add to the accomplishments, fixing the garage door opener when it refused to function (with telephone help from husband) and plunging a stopped up toilet (with no help from anyone).
I also had fun stamping and this is one of the cards I made.  I spent part of each day stamping and without that refuge I could not have borne the loneliness and quiet of the past ten days.

This is a slapstick stamp from Penny Black entitled A Friend Is ... And anyone who is owned by a dog can understand this image.  Cooper was a great companion for me while husband was gone.  I had to get dressed each morning and take him for his walk, as well as at noon and evening.  I met a few neighbors along the way and chatted endlessly with Cooper as we walked.  It was a different story while we were at home, though.  Cooper spent each day as you see him in the photo below:
 I could have taken this same photo each day his buddy was gone.  It mattered not that I walked him, fed him, played with him and snuggled and pet him; he missed his master!  I've tried to tell him so often that today is the day!!  I will be sure to snap a photo of the big reunion!!
So, there it is ... ten days have gone by; spring doesn't seem any closer.  It was 34 degrees on our walk this morning with a brisk wind.  The daffodils were shivering!!
Thanks for stopping by ... I love your visits.  Hope your day includes time with friends and family; and some time for yourself!


Penny Ward said...

Your card is so wonderfully colored...loving the pennant die cut...on my wishlist now. So glad you accomplished everything on your to do list!!! Happy reunion with Larry, and him with Cooper.
hugs my friend,P

Cindy C. said...

Hi Judy very cute card. I enjoyed your post very much today, thx for sharing!

Barb said...

I love your posts, Judy - they always brighten my day! Cooper is such a sweetie! Can't believe he is STILL lying at the door everyday waiting for Larry!

Good job getting all the things finished on your to-do list and creating each day too - awesome!

Love your darling card! You colored that charming image beautifully and I love the fun banner! Sending hugs and looking forward to seeing that reunion photo! ♥

joy said...

Cute card, Judy. Those slapstick stamps are just great.

Sounds like you got a lot of things checked off of your list. Spring doesn't seem any closer here, either. Glad your hubby will be back to keep you and Cooper company again.

donna mikasa said...

Your coloring is awesomesauce!! (Is that how to use that word?) I love the way you colored the basset hound and the added banners make it over the top cute!

Well done on completing all your missions! You are woman. You are strong. Maybe next time Cooper will join Larry?

mimijudy1975 said...

judy,I hope right now you are enjoying having your husband back home with you and Cooper. i so enjoy reading your posts ,love how sweet they are.
You sure accomplished a lot over the 10 days !! Good for you !. Hug that sweet doggie for me. My little doggie is right here by me.
Great card with 2 of my favorites,pennant banners and bassetts ! My neighbor has a boy and girl. they're lovable pets.

aileen (mum) said...

Judy, love your card. I have bought this as a digital stamp and coloured it in, just need to make into a card.
Funny how our fur babies are, my daughter has a companion dog as she is disabled. He is a wonderful dog that has taken over the household, my daughter does everything for him and when shes is bed or away my DH can always be found petting or fussing over him. But, its me he waits at the door for and runs in mad circles when he hears my car coming. My DH swears he starts at least two minutes before I appear and only my car sets him off. Cheeses my DH off rotten as I apparently, am the least affectionate (according to DH) to Jake.

Dawn Turley said...

Cute as card Judy. And I have to say I am impressed that you managed to do all the items on your mission list... Me, I'm sure I would have just crafted all day! Cooper with be pleased to see your hubby

alexandra s.m. said...

argh...you did it again Judy!
SUPERB work!!
Bravo ;)

Rosemary said...

wonderful card, judy... sounds like you had a very productive 10 days... can't wait to see what other cards you made during that time and the reunion photo of cooper and your hubby!