Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tim Holtz Die

Tim Holtz Die by judkajudy
There's no stamping on this card at all! Had to play with my new Tim Holtz Bewitching Hour die that I found at Tuesday Morning this weekend. The clouds are a Fiskars punch. That's real burlap for the card base, a strip of patterned paper, a harvest moon and there you have it ... Halloween.


And here is a scary photo of our car after last Thursday's accident.  My dh was on his way home from music practice at church, doing 40 mph on a main thoroughfare when a lady pulled out from a shopping center parking lot without looking.  Larry's calf muscles ache from the effort he put into trying to stop; he swerved into the next lane, but the woman kept coming!  The right front of our car hit the woman's car, which then swung around and hit the back door of our car!

Thankfully, no serious injuries.  But you are looking at our transportation to Minneapolis and Milwaukee this week!!  I am hoping the insurance company officially declares who was at fault (the policeman cited the traffic rule that says anyone exiting private property must yield to oncoming traffic) so we can rent a vehicle for our trip.  Our second car is a "rough rider" and I can't trust my temperamental back to it's shenanigans.  Life is never simple.  We know this will end up costing us money, but have decided to set it all aside until we return from our trip. 

The good news is you can no longer tell where I bumped into the mailbox! 

Thanks for your visit!  We are more grateful than we are upset!!


Penny Ward said...

Ouch on the car..good news that Larry can no longer see the small dent from the mailbox incident. I swear, you should do stand up!
Oh, yes...your card...how very Halloween like. Stitched moons, burlap new die cuts...it's a winner!!!

Barb said...

Even when you're telling a scary, serious story, you always seem to put a smile on my face! I am so relieved no one was hurt badly!

Love your adorable, fun card, my friend! Sending hugs! ♥

joy said...

Oh, Judy! This could have been so much worse!! So glad Larry was not injured seriously. I hope the insurance company comes through with a rental for you in time for your trip.

I must remember to go to Tuesday Morning more often - there is always a good bargain or two there. I love this card you made; the burlap is the perfect substrate.

Dawn Turley said...

lovely card Judy but what a shame about the car. At least your hubby is okay. Cars can be replaced, people can't.

Teresa Kline said...

so glad know one was seriously hurt in the accident...scary though. luvin your card BTW, I got wrapped up in your accident story...lol. Hope you have a wonderful week.

enjoy *~*

Greta said...

What a scare! So, so glad no serious injuries & hope you get that rental car for your trip. Your card is just wonderful, Judy! Never thought to use burlap for Halloween & I love it!

Rosemary said...

what a fun Halloween card, judy... love the burlap background! so sorry that your car got wrecked!