Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Me and Evie

We are back from our visit to Minneapolis and Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It was an incredible 10 days of time with friends, family and especially baby Evelyn!  

The bad news is my camera did not function very well and finally quit working at all after being dropped on the kitchen floor.
Evie and Grandma

This is the only photo I was able to copy and paste.  I have complicated things by buying a new camera with new software and in spite of what the salesman said, the process of uploading and editing photos is not working at all like it used to.

There is a beautiful album of Evie's baptism on Facebook, but I have been unable to copy and paste those photos!  I know I will find a way eventually to fix all this, but right now the frustration level is high. 

So this will have to do!  Evie and I spent an entire Friday together while Mom and Dad went to work.  One of the best days ever!!  She is the sweetest, calmest, happiest baby ever!!  All who are in her circle of love agree.

So, tomorrow I return to the geeks who set up my computer and who sold me the camera that doesn't function at all like my beloved Kodak Easy Share!!  And once they point out the mistakes I have made and correct them, I hope to post more photos.


Greta said...

Oh so sorry you're still having techy frustrations, but this picture is just adorable--one to treasure! How awesome you had a day with Evie without her folks--spoiling time & no one to object--LOL! PS--how did your puppy dog do? Was he too spoiled to want to come home--LOL?

Barb said...

What rotten luck with your camera, Judy! But, just like your new computer, you'll figure out the new camera and it'll all feel normal before too long!

Love that daring photo of the two of you! So sweet! I'll be anxiously waiting for more! Hugs! ♥

rcwidow (Linda) said...

She is the cutest! Hope you get your camera problems fixed!