Friday, February 17, 2012

Asian Dolls Thank You

Asian Dolls Thank You by judkajudy
I have ten shallow drawers filled with Hero Arts wood mount stamps which were in a serious state of disarray! My New Years' resolutions included purging and organizing my stamping "stuff"! I have several boxes of no longer needed cardstock, embellishments and tools ready to be taken to the nearby elementary school for the teachers and kids to enjoy.

The organization process acquainted me once again with stamps I loved at one time and have sadly neglected as new ones came into my life. These Asian Dolls still make me smile. I paper pieced their outfits, added gems to their hair and colored their darling faces with Copics.

My New Years' Resollution actually is to get rid of 50% of what we own by the end of the year. That sounds a bit drastic, I know, but in six years we have gone from everything we own fitting in a 35 foot RV to filling up a three bedroom home with a garage and attic!

I purged my closet yesterday and have amost 40 empty hangers and three boxes of clothes to donate! And I haven't gotten to the shoes and purses.

It is good to have this time to work on projects while dh is in Arizona visiting his brother. Won't he be surprised when he comes home and there isn't much left in the house!!

For those of you looking forward to the three-day weekend, enjoy!! There's a 90 minute Scramble on the Hero Arts blog this Saturday. Check it out!

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donna mikasa said...

Hi Judy! So nice to see the Asian dolls again! It's good to play with some favorites--thanks for the inspiration! I love their paper pieced outfits!

Hope to see you at the Scramble, if I'm back from the gym in time. Enjoy your weekend with Cooper!

CinnamonSally said...

Cute card Judy, great to see those little dolls again.
I seriously need to do some clearing out too, one day I will get round to it!

Nancy said...

I love your card, those Asian dolls still look fresh with their paper pieced ensembles. Good for you getting yourself organized, the pay off of course is finding these hidden treasures again!

Barb said...

I think it's awesome that you are getting so organized, Judy! Sounds liberating! LOVE this darling card! Thanks for mentioning the scramble too - see you there! :)

Elizabeth Allan said...

These dolls are stunning with your choice of piecing papers Judy! Sounds like you are making great headway in your sorting project!