Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wisconsin Lake Home

100_3757 by judkajudy
This is a photo of the Lake Home so generously lent to our family so that we could spend a weekend together!

I'm sharing this photo of the bathroom so you can see a bit of the work Tim did when adding a master suite to the home. My favorite part was the fun faucets! We felt like we were in a 5 star hotel!

This lovely home was previously a very modest cottage. It has been lovingly and skillfully redone and added onto by a high school friend of my oldest son.

The home is located on Lake Wisconsin, a few miles from the town of Prairie du Sac where I raised my family. The owner of the home, Tim was my son Todd's best friend. As a junior in high school he was well over 6 feet tall. He hung out at our house a LOT! Loved him like one of my own, but just like one of my own, he was a hungry teenager. The scariest part was that he loved milk and drank a lot of it at my house! At the time, I was a single mom with five kids and milk was precious! I never said a word at the time, but over the years have reminded him about the milk!!

Well, when he heard that we were coming to Wisconsin to visit and were making hotel reservations, he offered his lovely lake home! I think he used the word "cottage". While the home is lovely, the real beauty of it is the work Tim did to turn it into such a beautiful place. The home is filled with details that catch your eye and delight your spirit!

His lovely wife Marie had prepared food for our breakfasts and they both hosted a Saturday evening cookout with more high school friends invited. We sat around the fire pit (in 90 degree weather!) and talked about the kids' high school days. It was a feast for my spirit!!

We have been invited to return annually for our family's get togethers! What a kind and generous couple Tim and Marie are. They were genuinely delighted to share their beautiful vacation home! Tim said he owed me because of all the milk he drank at our house!

I hope your life is blessed with the love of friends of family!  Our trip to Wisconsin reminded me how blessed I am!  Thanks for stopping by.


donna mikasa said...

Wow--what a dream vacation home! Just gorgeous! I think I'd stay in the bathroom the whole time....and craft in there! Sounds like you had a relaxing, memorable reunion. Are you ready to craft again?? Thanks for sharing!

Lin said...

It's a beautiful place, all the more so because of the emotional ties! Thanks for the fun post today, my friend!

Barb said...

Wow! It looks absolutely beautiful, Judy! Glad you shared this post. I love hearing how wonderful it was for you to see family and friends!

Nancy said...

Perfect example of the love you give coming back multiplied! I'm so glad you shared this back story, it made my day! So glad you had a wonderful time in Wisconsin with family and friends, it clearly blessed you!

Cathy A said...

How lovely, I gees he has paid his milk bill now :)

Loved your monkey card too with the honeycomb tree.

Charlene said...

WOW Judy what a spectular place to stay and what a wonderful generous offer enjoy!! :-)

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