Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
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Ready or not, Thanksgiving is this week and I am mailing my last cards to far away family today! I know they will arrive late in some cases, but "it's the thought that counts", right? I am preparing dinner for ten (maybe 14 if the Atlanta family can make it). It will be the traditional turkey dinner with the stuffing, gravy, side dishes and dessert! It will take all day to prepare and minutes to consume. And we will be sleepy and groggy all afternoon.

This is a digital image (I am having so much fun figuring out the digi world) colored with Copic markers. I read somewhere that the traditional images of pilgrim men with buckles on their shoes and hats is historically incorrect. Buckles didn't show up for another hundred years! Oh, well ...

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donna mikasa said...

You are truly becoming a digi queen! Such a cute image and your coloring is fabulous! I loved your placecards in the HA Flickr pool! You are FAST!