Friday, July 3, 2015

Winged Beauty by Penny Black

Oh, my!  I have sadly neglected my blog lately.  I blame it on the fact I've not been "Livin' the Dream" lately.  For some reason, this spring saw several members of our family dealing with surgeries, not to mention my two month bout with shingles!  But that's all behind us and it's time to get back into the craft room and stamp the stress away.

40-376 Winged Beauty; 40-385 Collage of Wishes; 51-140 Diamond Border; 51-027 Triple Banner
The bird and branches images are from Penny Black's slapstick set "Winged Beauty".  I've tried stamping them in various colors, but I always go back to neutral tones.  I am amazed at the amount of detail in these small stamps.  I seemed to lose some of the detail when I colored the images. 

I am sending this card to my much younger brother for his birthday in a couple of weeks.  I'm  not sure what he thinks of my hand made cards, but I know his wife appreciates them!

I've added Liquid Pearls opal accents to the branches and the Diamond Border diecut.  I like the texture it adds and it is not too "blingy" for a guy!

I am flying to Wisconsin tomorrow to take care of baby Jack so Mom can go back to work after being with him for two weeks post surgery.  It was pretty serious surgery, but Jack came through like Superman and isn't even holding a grudge!!  We are so grateful that all is well.  And I am grateful and thrilled to be able to spend a week spoiling him (shhhh, don't tell Mom and Dad).

It's been tough on my mojo lately, but once I spend time with Jack and Ev and other family in Wisconsin, I know I will come back renewed, refreshed and lonesome!

Tomorrow I will be running with scissors on the Penny Black blog ... I think there will be some red, white and blue for the holiday!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a fun and safe Independence Day.


Penny Ward said...

Very pretty. I like the neutral tone for the stamped image. Gorgeous as usual!!!!!
hugs, :)

Carolyn Picken said...

Safe travelling, looking forward to seeing you more often. You have been missed.

alexandra s.m. said...

So happy to hear that Jack is doing well!
I love these neutral tones Judy. Your card is both beautiful and elegant.
Thank You~

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