Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bon Voyage!

I love to travel.  And I love to fly.  There was a time I couldn't say that about flying!  I used to be terrified.  I don't know when that changed for me; perhaps it was when I realized that airplanes were the only way I could travel to visit family, friends and foreign countries.  I know that flying has become a bit more stressful with security checks and safety concerns, but that isn't enough to make me change my mind about flying.

30-224 Bon Voyage; 51-053 A Pocketful;  51-033 Silver Linings

I love the Bon Voyage transparent set by Penny Black.  I've used the airplane stamp for the main image and mounted it on the notecard cut with the die in A Pocketful Creative Die set.  The pocket for the card comes with the same set.  Both were sewn onto the base card.  Wish I had more of that map paper!

A few weeks ago I booked a flight for October to Cincinnati to attend the next gathering of the stamping retreat I went to last April.  It's a 5 day event where I am privileged to be with very talented and lovely ladies to share this hobby of ours.  I was feeling proud of myself to have booked early at a lower price.  Well, due to a mistake on the part of the hotel in Cincinnati, the event will be starting a day later this year, on Friday instead of Thursday.   Oooops, I was booked to leave early Sunday morning, making my stay only two days, a huge disappointment.  In desperation I called Delta airlines, knowing there is a $200 fee to make a change to my ticket.  I wanted to extend my stay to Monday to make up for the lost Thursday but didn't want to pay another $200.

To my huge surprise, very early in the conversation the Delta agent told me he would waive the $200 fee!  Not reduce it, but waive it!  And thankfully the ticket price hadn't increased since I booked the flight!  I did not think it possible that this could happen!  I was over the moon happy to know that I would now have more time at the retreat!

So here's a shout out to Delta Airlines for empowering their agents to make such great customer friendly decisions!  And to the agent who made me a very happy traveler.  I promise not to complain about the $25 fee for taking a suitcase along on my trip!!

Hope your day includes someone that surprises you with a good thing!!  And your visit is a very good thing in my day!


mimijudy1975 said...

I know how you feel,Judy.I'm so thankful when someone is extra helpful or polite. I find the older I get ,the more aware of these things I am.
You have a great trip to look forward to. We'll enjoy hearing all about your vacation.

Dawn Turley said...

Just gorgeous card Judy, And what lucky with your airline. nice that service is still about.

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