Monday, March 18, 2013

For Andrew and Lauren

100_5122 by judkajudy
My grandson Andrew is very involved in sports and this season it is baseball! I checked with Dad to find out the color of his uniform and colored this Mo Manning image in his team colors of black and orange!

My granddaughter Lauren, big sister to Andrew, is involved in CheerSport. It's not the pompom waving type of cheerleading I'm used to; it's more gymnastics and acrobatics! Their team is very competitive and has done extremely well this year! Grandma's heart almost stops beating when Lauren gets hoisted into the air as the top of the pyramid.

The image is a Bugaboo digi and I colored the outfit in Lauren's team colors. The bow in the hair is a key element to their outfit!!

These will be in the mail today; to tell the kids we love them and are very proud of their hard work and accomplishments!

Rainy here today; but not too rainy for golf! While Larry was golfing, I've cleand and purged closets ... what a great feeling!!

Hope your day includes something more fun than closet cleaning!! My next project is figuring out what to do with all those empty hangers!!!!


Cat Craig said...

Cute cards. Judy. The hangers-Donate them to a thrift store.

Barb said...

I know what you can do. . . .buy more clothes! Ha! :)

Such special cards for your grand kids, Judy! They are going to love them!

Dawn Turley said...

So sweet Judy. Great cards

paula laird said...

Judy I love how you personalised both of these cards. I bet your grandkids love getting these two fantastic cards. So fun & fantastic

Anonymous said...

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donna mikasa said...

So adorable and perfectly perfect for Andrew and Lauren! And I agree with Barb--buy more clothes! :) Did you?

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