Thursday, December 15, 2011

Classic Tea Flower

Classic Tea Flower by judkajudy
This Classic Tea Flower stamp is one of the new releases in the Hero Arts 2012 Catalog. I loved it from the instant I first saw it being used by Jennifer McGuire.

I colored the flower with Copics, and over-stamped it with Hero Arts' Envelope Pattern background stamp. The Envelope Pattern softens the white background without my risking disaster by using Distress
Inks for that distressed look! I have ruined many an image by poor application of Distress Inks!

I am entering this card in the December Hero Arts Challenge, following one of the sketches provided. The sketch is a simple one, allowing this flower to have center stage!

Hope everyone is on track for finishing their holiday projects. I did my shopping online this year and it's all being shipped as we speak. We don't exchange gifts, but I always end up sending something to each of the adult kids, and always the grandkids!!

We are enjoying temperatures in the high sixties and yesterday the temp reached seventy-one!! Great golfing weather for my DH! I haven't told the Wisconsin and Minnesota kids about our mild weather. Don't want to sound like I'm gloating!

Thanks for stopping by!


Barb said...

Well, this Minnesotan hears the gloat! :) It was freezing here today! But I'm not complaining because we still have no snow, and it is sooo nice to NOT be shoveling! :)

Love this beautiful card, Judy! The tea flower looks amazing against the envie pattern, and I love your embossed card base!

Nancy said...

What a special card, Judy! Over stamping with the Envelope Pattern is genius!
We are having a blustery cold sunny day today in So Cal, we had rain and hail last night. You never know what to expect. Enjoy!

donna mikasa said...

Gorgeousness! I love the embossed edges and the simple sketch. And the earthy colors are my fave! I see you got some new stamps, too! Enjoy!

Tiffany said...

Gorgeous flower image! One of my faves in the new catalog!

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