Sunday, September 18, 2011

Say Hello to Cooper!

Say Hello to Cooper! by judkajudy
Look who joined our family! This is Cooper, a Bichon-Poodle mix I found on  I wasn't seriously thinking about adopting; "just looking".  We had a white poodle in the early years of our marriage that lived to be 19.  Since we were both working we didn't feel it was a good time to get another dog that would be home alone all day.  Although I hadn't completely decided to add a dog to our family, one look at his photo and I was hooked!

He was in a rescue-sponsored foster home two hours north of us near Nashville, Tennessee. After a month of applications, references, interviews with other families, hopes up, hopes down, the decision was made yesterday that he belonged in a nice quiet home like ours.

He is very shy right now and wondering what happened to all the other dogs he's used to! He has a sweet personality and once he gets used to us, will be the perfect dog!

He is two years old, house broken and thanks to the rescue organization has all his shots and is neutered.   The only thing we didn't like about him was his name:  "Omelette"!  We think Cooper is a much more dignified name for this dignified little cutie!

Funny how quickly you can fall in love!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Barb said...

Omelette? Where the heck did that name come from? I'm glad you changed it, Judy. Cooper sounds much better. He is definitely a cutie pie! Enjoy! :)

CinnamonSally said...

He is so cute Judy and I love his name, imagine being out and calling the name omelette!! He is going to love his new home!!!

Virginia L. said...

Welcome, Cooper! He is a cutie!! I am sure he is going to keep you and DH very happy! Congrats, Judy!

Sally said...

Ohhhhhh, what a sweetie, Judy! Before you know it he'll be making himself right at home. So glad you were chosen to adopt him! Enjoy this time with your brand new little love!

Dawn said...

I agree with your, Cooper is a much better name! I'm sure he'll soon get used to you. He looks adorable.

donna mikasa said...

Oh, I love him!! I think he's a perfect fit for the Jung family! Cooper is a much better choice--so dignified! Did you think about "Cheetos"? I'm sure he'll find many years of happiness with you and Larry. Enjoy!!

Karen Aicken said...

LOL - the rescue foundations sure do come up with interesting names, don't they?
Congratulations on your new family member, and kudo's to you for chosing a rescue.
Our little Cooper is also a rescue (his name was Fat Boy, the foster home changed it to Bobby and we changed it to Cooper) and he has turned out to be the best dog ever. We've had him for over 2 years now.
It took awhile - and there were issues and behavior problems. But with love and faith and patience, everything worked out.
I wish you nothing but the best.
Cheers, Karen

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